Grade 8 Registration

8th grade students will have 6 classes each day and a flex period. 

What courses will students take?

Each day students will have a class in:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Language Arts
  • Social Studies

Every other day students will have Physical Education and Health.

Students will fill out their schedule with their fine arts and elective course choices. 

What choices in courses will students have?

Math Class

In 8th grade students have an opportunity to choose their math class. Students will complete a "math worksheet" during their grade 7 math class the first week of February. Check with your student to see the worksheet they completed in math class and reach out to your student's current math teacher with any questions. 

Fine Arts Credit

During middle school a student MUST take 2 courses that meet standards in TWO different fine arts areas. See the hand-out below for the options available to students. All fine arts courses meet every other day. Courses meet for either a semester (half the year) or a full year. Regardless of the length of the course, students must take two courses. 

Elective Courses

Students will fill out their schedule with elective courses.

Students can chose to take high school level Spanish and Math in grade 8.  To learn more about what it means to take a high school course in middle school, see below.

Students will be asked to provide alternate course options. The availability of classes will be dependent on scheduling and student interest.

For more information on course registration contact

Michael Wilfahrt, Associate Principal

Kristin Quinn, Counselor


Middle School Course Videos

How to complete the registration form

First page of the PDF file: Grade8RegistrationFormFINAL_1
First page of the PDF file: Grade8RegistrationFormFINALSpanish
First page of the PDF file: Grade8CourseOptions
First page of the PDF file: Grade8CourseOptionsSpanish