Grade 6 Registration

6th grade students will have 6 classes each day and a flex period. 

What classes will students have?

Each day students will have a class in:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Language Arts
  • Writing

Every other day students will have Physical Education and Social Studies. 

Students will have a health/wellness class that will meet every other day for 1/2 the school year.

Students will be enrolled in the same music class they have in grade 5. If a student wants to change their music class for grade 6 they should connect with their counselor. 

Students will identify their preference for an art class - visual arts with ceramics or visual arts with photography, which will meet every other day for 1/2 the school year.

What is a flex period?

Flex time is a 30-minute period of time that will occur around the lunch hour. The district has designed guidelines for the middle schools to design flex. District middle schools are working on their individual plans for flex this winter and spring.  

  • For Grade 5, those guidelines include offering unstructured movement breaks as many days of the week as possible, providing students with recess-like options (which include the option to go outside or stay inside), giving students the option for academic things (like reading and practicing), and not requiring teacher prep.
  • For Grades 6-8, those guidelines include a minimum of 2 days a week of academic support, a goal of student choice sometime during the school year, and cannot require teacher prep.
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