School Counseling

Academic SupportThe mission of the Friendly Hills Middle School Counseling department is to provide a comprehensive counseling program that will support the academic, personal/social, and college/career needs of all students.  We will strive to maximize student potential.

School Counselors work with students

  • Individually
  • In groups
  • In the classroom
When should a parent/guardian contact the School Counselor?
  • If your student is struggling or has concerns about academics
  • If your student is having a hard time with friendships/social issues
  • If you are in need of additional academic/behavior supports for your child
  • If you are seeking college/career advice about your child
  • If you are in need of resources for your child or family
  • A change in family (divorce, new sibling, death)
  • If you are concerned about bullying/harassment issues
  • If you are concerned with your child's mental health 


Ms. Kristin Quinn

651-403-XXXX |

Ms. Melissa Morey
651-403-7706 |